Places of Worship in Ellon Parish in Grampian Region

  • Annand Memorial, Ellon

    This is an ornate stone memorial (and thus not a place of worship itself), which lies in the graveyard east of the parish church. The sandstone structure is in a very poor state of repair, having suffered from extensive weathering and er...

  • Ardlethen Chapel Site, Ellon

    There is little evidence or information about this Roman Catholic chapel, but placename evidence provides us with an approximate site. A large field, still known as Chapel Park is thought to have been the site of this chapel, now borderi...

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  • Chapletown of Esslemont

    There is no information currently available about this possible chapel site. An approximate grid reference (source unknown) places the site in an area of large arable fields in a rural location not far from Ellon.

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  • Dumbreck Chapel, Ellon

    There is little information known about this site, but it would appear to have been associated with the castle of Dumbreck, of which nothing survives apart from a few stones in a nearby farm building. It may be that there was a private c...

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  • Ellon Baptist Congregation

    The Baptist congregation in Ellon currently meets for worship in various rooms and buildings, including Ellon Community Centre; there is no current church building as such associated with the Baptists in Ellon. The congregation now uses ...

  • Ellon Cemetery

    This is the cemetery for the parish of Ellon, and lies on the outskirts of the town. It is still in use and contains graves mainly from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is very well maintained but is not a place of worship itse...

  • Ellon Free Church

    This former town church in Ellon was originally a Mission Church, but later became a Free Church in the 1840s. It is on Ythan Terrace in the south-west of the town, overlooking the River Ythan. The church closed some time ago and has bee...

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  • Ellon Old Parish Church

    The medieval parish church of Ellon was located more or less on the same site as the later and current parish church, and surrounded by a graveyard. The old church was founded in the medieval period and dedicated to St Mary. It had been ...

  • Ellon Parish Church

    This town church is located close to the centre of Ellon, near the site of a former market square. The church was built in 1777 and partly re-constructed in 1829. It is built on the site of a much earlier church, which dated to the 13th ...

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  • Episcopal Chapel Site, Chapelhall

    An Episcopal chapel was built in this area (Chapelhall) in 1768 and remained in use until 1816 when St Mary's Episcopal Church was built in Ellon, after which the chapel was demolished. The site appears to now be at the edge of arable la...

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  • Former United Presbyterian Church, Ellon

    This former United Presbyterian Church is located in the centre of Ellon in a small square lined with shops. The east gable of the church forms the focal point to this square, and the rear of the building backs onto a car park. The churc...

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  • Francis Mission of Mary, Ellon

    The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary is a secular Franciscan Order, following Christ the King Fraternity. It provides accomodation for Franciscan Nuns involved in work in the parish of Ellon, but it is not a nunnery as such. The building ...

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  • Our Lady and St John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church, Ellon

    The Roman Catholic church of Ellon is a modern building in a quiet street of housing in the northern part of the town. The church was originally built here in the 1960s with a separate presbytery. The church was rebuilt in the 1990s and ...

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  • St Mary on the Rock Episcopal Church, Ellon

    This large Episcopal church is located on gently rising ground above the River Ythan south of the town centre of Ellon, close to the central bridging point over the river. It was built in 1871, replacing the original one of 1816. A forme...

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  • Tillydesk Chapel, Ellon

    A small Episcopal chapel was built in the 1770s but had gone out of use by 1816 and was later largely demolished. The site is close to Tillydesk Farm and is still marked on the current Ordnance Survey map, although no remains were locate...