Places of Worship in Dyke and Moy Parish in Grampian Region

  • Dyke and Moy Parish Church

    Dyke and Moy Parish Church is built on the site of a much earlier church and is surrounded by a large graveyard, which has been extended to the north. It is located in the centre of the small village of Dyke, a short distance north-east ...

    View of church from south west
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  • Kincorth Chapel Site

    A medieval chapel, dedicated to St Ninian, is recorded in a number of sources as having existed in an area close to Kincorth House and its grounds. A mound may have marked its site, although there is no sign of one today. The site would ...

    The area in which the chapel was located
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  • Moy Old Parish Church

    The medieval church of Moy was located in what is now an open area of arable land just south of Moy House. The remains of a truncated and overgrown graveyard surround the site of the church - its straight, fenced boundaries suggests that...

    View of site from south west
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  • Rodney's Stone, Dyke

    Rodney's Stone is a large Pictish cross slab, which was originally found when the foundations of the new parish church in Dyke village were being dug in the 1780s. The stone was at first erected in the village and then moved to its curre...

    The stone as displayed on the grounds of Brodie Castle
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