Places of Worship in Dyce Parish in Grampian Region

  • Dyce Old Parish Church

    Dyce Old Parish Church was built in the 13th or 14th century on a site that is associated with worship for many centuries prior to this, shown by a collection of early Christian and pre-Christian carved stones (see Dyce Pictish Stones). ...

    View of church from the north-west
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  • Dyce Parish Church

    Dyce Parish Church stands at a busy road junction in the heart of urban Dyce, on the north-western edge of Aberdeen. Aberdeen Airport is a short distance to the west and there is mostly 20th century housing around the church on three sid...

    View of principle elevation
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  • Dyce Pictish Stones

    Contained within a modern wooden roofed structure in the ruins of Dyce Old Parish Church are a number of important carved Pictish stones, some of which pre-date the Picts' conversion to Christianity in the 8th century. They were found in...

    The large Pictish cross stone
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  • Pitmeddan Church, Dyce

    This former Free Church was often called West Church, and it stood in a prominent town location in Dyce, to the north-west of Aberdeen. The church was built in the 1870s as the town of Dyce grew from the 1860s after the construction of a...

    View of the church site and graveyard
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  • Skene Burial Enclosure, Dyce

    This is a small private burial enclosure for the Skene family, thought to have been created in the 19th century. It is located on the banks of the River Don at Mains of Dyce. There is now a large school nearby and a 20th century housing ...

  • Watch House, Old Parish Church, Dyce

    This small gabled building is located in the eastern corner of the graveyard surrounding the historical Old Parish Church of Dyce. It dates to the early 19th century and was built to accomodate a night watchman to keep guard over newly-i...

    View from the north-west
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