Places of Worship in Duffus Parish in Grampian Region

  • Burghead Former North United Free Church

    This fairly large former church is located in the planned fishing village of Burghead on the north coast of Moray. It occupies a prominent corner site in an area of grid-pattern streets. A number of other church buildings are located on ...

    View of church from east
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  • Burghead Free Church

    This small church is located near the centre of the planned fishinig village of Burghead. It occupies a corner site in an area of grid-like streets. It was built in the mid 19th century and has remained little-altered since. There is a c...

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  • Burghead Parish Church

    This large town church was built in the mid 19th century and was previously a United Free Church before becoming Church of Scotland at some point in the 20th century. It was built in a prominent location in the planned fishing village of...

    View of the church from the south
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  • Burial Ground, Kirkhill Farm, Duffus

    There is tradition of a small burial ground being located on a hill top or ridge near to Kirkhill Farm. A number of sources in the 18th century refer to a stone cross on the site and a possible chapel or church here too. Bones are said t...

    The possible site of the apparent burial ground and chapel
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  • College of Roseisle, Duffus

    There is some documented evidence which shows that a small monastic college with a chapel was established in the area in the 7th century. The site is thought to be in an area now occupied by the small village of Roseisle, where a carved ...

    View of the site of the college and chapel
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  • Duffus Castle Chapel

    The impressive remains of Duffus Castle form a prominent landmark in this area of Moray. They comprise a large, steep-sided earth mound with the ruined remains of a 14th century stone castle. The visual effect is heightened by the very f...

    View of castle from north west
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  • Duffus Parish Church

    Duffus Parish Church is a mid-to-late 19th century Gothic-style building, constructed to replace the medieval St Peter's Church, a short distance to the east. It is located on the south-western edge of the small, planned village of Duffu...

    Tower from south
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  • Easterton of Roseisle Burial Ground, Duffus

    There was a burial ground in this area, which was initially discovered during ploughing of a field belonging to Easterton of Roseisle Farm. It was excavated in the late 19th century and found to contain several hundred skeletons within a...

    The apparent site of the burial ground
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  • Hopeman Baptist Church

    This small, simple church was built at the end of the 19th century in the planned village of Hopeman. It is located in a quiet street in the fishing community and there is a small car park alongside and hall facilities to the rear. ...

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  • Hopeman Parish Church

    Hopeman Parish Church is located near the centre of a small fishing village on the north coast of Moray. It occupies a small corner plot within a grid-like layout of narrow streets and lanes. There is a small garden to the rear (south) o...

    View of the church tower from east
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  • St Aethan's Chapel, Burghead

    An early Christian chapel is mentioned by the Ordnance Survey in the 19th century as having existed in an area now occupied by the village of Burghead. Graves were reportedly discovered during trench digging in the 1840s but the location...

  • St Peter's Old Churchyard, Duffus

    This large, walled graveyard surrounds the historic St Peter's Church just outside the village of Duffus. The church was built in the 12th or 13th century and has been added to and largely rebuilt in subsequent years. The church went out...

    View of graveyard from south west
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  • St Peters Old Parish Church, Duffus

    St Peter's Church is located in the centre of a surrounding rectangular graveyard, originally within the grounds of Gordonstoun School, which lies a short distance to the east. It is reached by a wooded trackway which leads from the sout...

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  • Unthank Chapel, Duffus

    There is reference to a medieval chapel being located in this area, a rural agricultural landscape near to Duffus Castle. Simpson (1951) claims that the chapel was founded before 1222 and dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It may have been as...