Places of Worship in Drumblade Parish in Grampian Region

  • Brideswell Former United Free Church, Drumblade

    This former church is located in the small agricultural hamlet of Brideswell in the parish of Drumblade. The small church grounds in which the church stands have since been encorporated into the garden of a neighbouring cottage. The chur...

    View of church from north-west
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  • Chapelton Chapel Site, Drumblade

    A chapel is said to have been located here, but there is currently no other information apart from an approximate grid reference. It would appear the site is known from placename evidence only. Chapelton today is a small-holding with a n...

    View of the site of Chapelton, now a farmstead
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  • Drumblade Parish Burial Ground and Aisle

    The burial ground of Drumblade Church is fairly large and is to the south of the 18th century church, which replaced a 17th century predecessor. The oldest surviving gravestone noted is dated 1762. It is thought the previous church stood...

    View of church from south
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  • Drumblade Parish Church

    Drumblade Parish Church is a small church in a rural parish. A small country road leads to the church and large former manse. There is open farmland around the church and a large graveyard is alongside the church to the south. The origin...

    View of church from south-east
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  • Teller's Well, Drumblade

    This well is situated fairly near to Drumblade Parish Church and was used as a water source until late in the 20th century. It's name may derive from a corruption of St Hilary's Well according to the Ordnance Survey Name Book. It is not ...