Places of Worship in Drainie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Drainie Old Parish Church

    Drainie Old Parish Church was built in the mid 17th century and surrounded by a small graveyard. It was located on flat land near Lossiemouth but has been completely demolished, largely due to the fact that it was located close to where ...

    The area where the church was located
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  • Kineddar Old Church

    There is little information known about this church, although the small graveyard has produced a number of important Pictish carved stones. Most of these were dug up in the graveyard or when the church's manse was demolished in the 1850s...

    The site of the church in the graveyard
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  • Kineddar Pictish Stones and possible early Church

    The remains of a carved Pictish cross, which was found in the graveyard of Kinnedar Church. Many other carved Pictish stone fragments have been found in the graveyard or when the manse was demolished in the 19th century. The fragments of...

    The graveyard where most of the stones were found
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  • Michael Kirk, Gordonstoun School

    This church was built in the early 18th century as a mausoleum church by Dame Elizabeth Dunbar. It is now in the grounds of, and is used by, Gordonstoun School. It has not yet been possible to visit the church, but it is hoped to be reco...

  • St Christopher and St Michael Church, Gordonstoun School

    It has not yet been possible to visit this church, which is in the grounds of Gordonstoun School. It is hope the church will be recorded soon.