Places of Worship in Culsalmond Parish in Grampian Region

  • Culsalmond Old Parish Church, Burial Ground and Morthouse

    Culsalmond Old Church is located on an historical site, said to have been the location of a pre-historic stone circle and a medieval chapel and church. The present church was built in the late 18th century - a previous church stood a sho...

    View of church from south-east
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  • Culsalmond Parish Church

    Culsalmond Parish Church is located alongside a country road in this rural, agricultural parish. The large former manse lies nearby and a modern cemetery is located to the east. The church itself stands in small grounds with numerous mat...

    View of church from east
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  • Free Church Site, Culsalmond

    An early Free Church, likely dating to 1843/4, was built in Culsalmond parish just after the Disruption (this parish was one of a number of areas where the Disruption originated). The precise site is not currently known but the current m...

    An old sketch of the former Free Church
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  • Tillymorgan Episcopal Church, Culsalmond

    This small former Episcopal Church is located in the small hamlet of Fisherford, set among large arable fields. The church stands in small grounds with the former rectory alongside. There is a small, fenced graveyard to the east of the c...

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