Places of Worship in Cruden Parish in Grampian Region

  • Cruden Congregational Church

    There is currently little information about this small church close to the Bay of Cruden and the village's small harbour. It stands on the corner of two roads, just off Main Street, and stands within very small grounds, not much larger t...

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  • Cruden Old Parish Church

    The old church of Cruden Bay, known as St Olaf's, was abandoned due to the encroachment of coastal sand dunes. The exact site of the church is not clear today and it is thought it was moved and rebuilt due to the sand in the 13th century...

    The medieval stone font, thought to come from the church
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  • Cruden Parish Church

    Cruden Parish Church is located at a junction of rural roads and close to an old bridging point of the Water of Cruden. The current church was built in the 1770s on the site of a number of previous churches dating back to the 13th centur...

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  • Cruden West Church

    This large former church is located in the small village of Hatton, along the main road through the settlement. It stands in the centre of small grounds, with gravel pathways around the building. It was built in the late 19th century as ...

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  • St James Episcopal Church, Cruden

    This large church stands on a prominent hill top location a short distance west of Cruden Bay. It is surrounded by open countryside and arable farmland. The site, called Chapel Hill, appears to be associated with an early Christian place...

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