Places of Worship in Cluny Parish in Grampian Region

  • Cluny Old Parish Church

    Cluny Old Parish Church was located in the small graveyard that still exists in Cluny, to the north of the present parish church. The graveyard and church site lie on sloping ground on the south-east facing side of Ton Burn valley. The c...

    Graveyard & site of old church
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  • Cluny Parish Church

    Cluny Parish Church stands on a small knoll a short distance from the original church and graveyard. The area around the church is mostly grass with a large war memorial to the south. There are two fairly modern graveyard extensions to t...

    View of the church from the north
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  • Fraser Mausoleum, Cluny Churchyard

    This fine large mausoleum stands in the old graveyard of Cluny, where the original medieval church stood. The graveyard is located on a south-east facing slope north of the current parish church of Cluny and in a rural area with arable f...

    View of the south door
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  • Millbank Former Church

    This small building in the small community of Millbank, Cluny, was originally an estate church or chapel but has been in use as a hall since the 1950s. It is located in small grounds at a busy crossroad of country roads, with grass to th...

    View from the north-east
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  • Old Churchyard of Cluny

    The old graveyard of Cluny is one of three burial grounds at Cluny, the other two being more recent 19th and 20th century cemeteries. Cluny is in a rural area with arable fieldsand mixed woodlands nearby.

    The old graveyard was th...

    View of the graveyard from the south-west
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  • Sauchen Former Free Church

    This former Free Church was built just after the Disruption of 1843, when the Free Church was established. It is located in small garden grounds at the south-east end of the village of Sauchen. There is open countryside around the villag...

    View from the south-east
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