Places of Worship in Chapel of Garioch Parish in Grampian Region

  • Blairdaff Church, Chapel of Garioch

    This small church is located on the edge of the small hamlet of Grantlodge, Blairdaff, in the rural parish of Chapel of Garioch. It was built when part of the congregation split during the Disruption to follow the Free Church. It wa...

    View from the west
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  • Broadsea Chapel, Chapel of Garioch

    This is the site of a 15th century chapel, which is located along a field boundary in an area of open farmland on a south-west facing slope. A later enclosure wall was built around the ruins. The chapel is said to have been built by the ...

    View of the chapel remains from the south
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  • Chapel of Garioch Parish Church

    Chapel of Garioch Parish Church is located close to the junction of two rural roads in the small hamlet of Chapel of Garioch, which is surrounded by open farmland. The church sits within a rectangular graveyard, which is the site of a nu...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Chapel of Garioch, Chapel Site

    An early chapel is reported to have stood here, which is now in the graveyard of the parish church. It was founded by Lady Garioch, sister of King Robert Bruce in around 1350. The chapel appears to have become the parish church when the ...

    The 17th century gateway, close to the site of the chapel
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  • Dalrymple Horn Elphinstone Burial Ground

    This is an impressive, Gothic-style burial enclosure for a wealthy local family, which was built in around 1798. It stands alongside the medieval church remains of Logie Durno (see separate site) and on first glance one could be forgiven...

    View of the burial
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  • Fetternear Old Parish Church

    The site of Fetternear Old Church lies in mature woodland on land that is part of the Fetternear House estate, on the west bank of the River Don. The chapel is thought to date to the mid 12th century and may have received a charter from ...

  • Logie Durno Church and Burial Ground

    Logie-Durno Church was a medieval church and dedicated to St Mary. It was an appendage of Lindores Abbey but became disused at the start of the 17th century when the parish of Logie Durno was united with Chapel of Garioch (1599). 

    The remains of the church from the south-west
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  • Pitcaple Free Church

    There is mention of a Free Church being located in the small hamlet of Pitcaple, between Chapel of Garioch and Whiteford villages. A likely former manse building was located at the site, but there was no sign of a possible church buildin...

    The apparent site of the church
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  • St John's Roman Catholic Church, Chapel of Garioch

    This small Roman Catholic church is attached to a large presbytery and is located in a secluded, rural setting, surrounded by mature trees, a short distance from Inverurie. There is a small graveyard just to the north of the church. The ...

    View of the church from the south-east
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