Places of Worship in Cairnie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Botaire Medieval Parish Church

    There is currently no information about the medieval church of Botaire (or Botair) and a precise grid reference is not known. It is possible it refers to an earlier church on the site of Cairnie Parish Church (and its predecessor), which...

    The area in which the church may have been located
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  • Cairnie Parish Church

    Cairnie Parish Church was built at the start of the 19th century, alongside the site of the medieval St Martin's Church. It stands at the end of a small road, which runs east from the small, linear village of Cairnie. The church and vill...

    View from north-west
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  • Former United Free Church, Cairnie

    A Free Church, which later became a United Free Church, was built near Botary in Cairnie parish. The church appears to have been demolished some time ago and there is currently no further information about the church. 

    The area in which the church may have been located
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  • Haddoch Chapel Site, Cairnie

    A small chapel and graveyard were located in this area and described by Pirie in 1906. He states that the chapel was 9m by 5.5m and the graveyard around 120m in circumference. Only a slight hollow and possible remains of the boundary wal...

    General view of the area where the chapel may have been located
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  • Kirkhillock Chapel site, Cairnie

    This is the possible site of an early church, the original church of the old parish of Botary. It was said to have stood near to the rural, agricultural hamlet of Boghead. However, it is thought the name 'Kirkhillock' was derived from a ...

    The small community of Boghead, near where the church may have been located, if built
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  • St Carol's Former Church, Cairnie

    The remains of St Carol's Church is located in the small, rural hamlet of Ruthven, a former parish incorporated into Cairnie parish in around 1685. Ruthven has grown up at the junction of two or three minor roads and a bridging point ove...

    View of the church remains and graveyard from the south-east
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  • St Carol's Well, Cairnie

    This small well is said to have religious connections and is located close to the remains of St Carol's Church in Ruthven. Howevdr, no evidence can be found to confirm the well was of religious significance. When recorded in the 1950s it...

  • St Martin's Old Church, Cairnie

    The remains of St Martin's Church stand in the graveyard of Cairnie Parish Church, alongside and to the south of the present church. The graveyard and church are located at the eastern end of the small, linear village of Cairnie, a small...

    The Pitlurg Aisle
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  • St Peter's Old Parish Church, Cairnie

    The remains of St Peter's Church stand in a large arable field on a gentle slope close to the west bank of the River Deveron. The ruins of the church are surrounded by a small rectangular graveyard with a rubble boundary wall, now mostly...

    Distant view of site from west
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  • Whitehill Chapel Site, Cairnie

    There is suggestion that a chapel was located in this area in the 17th and 18th centuries, being at first Episcopalian and later Roman Catholic. It had been abandoned before the mid 19th century. Some stone footings, reported to be the r...

    The general area in which the chapel was located
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