Places of Worship in Cabrach Parish in Grampian Region

  • Badchear Chapel Site, Cabrach

    The site of a small chapel was briefly mentioned in an early 20th century Banffshire Field Club publication but no other information or sources have been found and an accurate grid reference cannot be given. A brief search of rough grazi...

    The general area where the chapel is said to have been located
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  • Cabrach Parish Church

    Cabrach Parish Church is a small, rural place of worship, set within a rectangular graveyard. It is located in open countryside on the edge of a small but steep stream or river valley. The large former manse is situated across this narro...

    View of church from NW
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  • Shenval Chapel Site, Cabrach

    It was reported in an early 20th century publication that a Roman Catholic chapel was erected shortly after the Reformation - presumably in secret to avoid being discovered by the authorities. A priest's house was built alongside. Howeve...

    The area in which the chapel was located
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