Places of Worship in Buckie Parish in Grampian Region

  • All Saints Episcopal Church, Buckie

    This Episcopal church is located on a prominent corner location in the heart of Buckie, a large fishing town on the north coast of Moray. The church was built in the 1870s and a slightly later presbytery is attached on the north side. Th...

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  • Bretheren Meeting Room, Buckie

    There is currently little information about this former place of worship. The local Bretheren congregation for a time met in an upper room in one of Buckie's town centre buildings, likely a public hall. The exact building is not clear an...

  • Buckie Baptist Church

    Buckie Baptist Church is located close to the town centre on a wide side street. It was built in 1910 and is a fairly simple, rectangular building. It is a busy church, with a growing congregation, and the building was extended and refur...

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  • Buckie Former West Church

    This former church is a large building fronting West Church Street in Buckie's town centre. It was built in the 19th century but closed as a church when the congregation united with South Church in Buckie. It later became a community cen...

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  • Buckie Methodist Church

    Buckie Methodist Church was built in 1907 close to the town centre. It sits within a small plot and is surrounded by quiet residential roads on three sides. The church is aligned east-west and there is an attached hall to the rear (west)...

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  • Buckie Seamen's Memorial Chapel

    This small memorial chapel is located in an area of terraced cottages and houses, mostly 19th century in date and an area of Buckie were many fishermen and their families lived when the town's harbour was a hive of activity. There is cur...

    View of the chapel from the south-east
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  • Church of Christ, Cluny Place, Buckie

    This small church is located on a wide street corner in Cluny Place, close to the town centre of Buckie. It was built in the 1950s and is a simple, modern-looking building, which has functional architectural features rather than ornate e...

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  • Church of Christ, North Pringle Street, Buckie

    This small church is one of two places of worship used by the Church of Christ in Buckie. It is located on the corner of North Pringle Street and West Church Street in the centre of this large fishing town, on the north coast of Moray. T...

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  • Gospel Hall, Buckie

    Buckie Gospel Hall is located on West Church Street, close to the town centre and among several public buildings and private houses. Little is currently known about the building itself, although it may well have been intentionally built ...

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  • North Parish Church, Buckie

    North Parish Church occupies a large and prominent corner location on the edge of Cluny Square in the centre of Buckie. It was built in the late 1870s to replace a smaller church on the site, which had only been built forty years earlier...

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  • Roman Catholic Church Hall, Buckie

    There is currently little information about this building, which is associated with the large St Peter's Church in the west end of Buckie. When visited by a volunteer in the late 1990s it appeared to be in a dangerous state and with the ...

  • Salvation Army Hall, Buckie

    Buckie's Salvation Army hall is located on the site of a former 19th century house in an area of former fishermen's cottages, which form a number of straight, grid-like streets near to Buckie's large harbour complex. It is not known when...

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  • South and West Church, Buckie

    Formerly called South Church, this large town church in Buckie was united with West Church in the 1970s (which subsequently closed), and thereafter became known as South and West Church. It was built in the mid 19th century on a prominen...

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  • St Peter's Roman Catholic Church, Buckie

    St Peter's Roman Catholic Church is located to the west of Buckie's town centre, on a prominent corner site. Its size and location allows it to be seen from land and sea for many miles and it is known locally as 'The Buckie Cathedral'. I...

    View of the west front (obscured by scaffolding)
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