Places of Worship in Boyndie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Boyndie Former Parish Church

    The former parish church of Boyndie stands at the roadside at the junction of two narrow, country roads. It stands within a small plot and alongside are the large former manse, its steading and a cottage and outbuildings for the beadle. ...

    View of the church from the north
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  • Former Free Church, Whitehills

    There is currently no information about this apparent former Free Church in Whitehills. The address given puts it within a residential street with no obvious building that could be a former place of worship. It is possible the site has b...

  • Former Methodist Chapel, Whitehills

    This small former Methodist chapel is located near the centre of Whitehills, a large fishing village clustered around its large bay and harbour on the north coast of Moray. It stands in a small plot on a quiet, residential street. It was...

    View of the chapel from the south-east
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  • St Brandon's Church Centre, Whitehills

    This small building was built at the start of the 20th century as a hall for St Brandon's Church (also known as Boyndie Parish Church - see separate site). It is located in Seafield Street in Whitehills, close to the current par...

    View of the building from the west
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  • St Brandon's Old Church, Boyndie

    The medieval church of St Brandon is located close to the coast, a short distance south-east of the fishing village of Whitehills. The church is surrounded by a small graveyard. The site is now enclosed on three sides by the modern Inver...

    View of the surviving gable from the south-west
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  • Trinity Parish Church, Whitehills

    Trinity Parish Church has had an interesting history. It was originally built in the town of Banff in 1879 and was a United Presbyterian Church. It obviously became redundant in the town and was bought by the Whitehills congregation, who...

    View of church from north east
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