Places of Worship in Bervie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Bervie Parish Church, Inverbervie

    This large, imposing town church was built in the centre of Inverbervie to replace the original parish church. Architect John Smith designed the building and its manse and construction was completed in 1836. It is set back from...

    Principal elevation and tower
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  • Burgh Hall, Inverbervie

    This former church is now known as Burgh Hall and is in daily use by the community for a variety of events, including a variety of sports. The building is simple in design and rectangular, with a small hall extension to the rear. It occu...

    View of the former church's original entrance
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  • Gourdon Mission Hall

    Gourdon Mission Hall is a small, simple building located in a small plot high up, looking over the small fishing village of Gourdon. It is only accessible by a steep, stepped public footpath. It was built in 1868 and was l...

    View of the Mission Hall from the west
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  • Inverbervie Carmelite Friary

    A house of Carmelite Friars was said to have been established shortly before 1443. There were friars in residence in 1556 and a grant was made of lands formerly belonging to the Friary in 1570. The New Statistical Account (1845) reported...

    The view of the area in which the friary was thought to have been located
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  • Inverbervie Chapel

    There is only limited documentary evidence for this chapel. It was said to have been dedicated to the Virgin Mary and was a dependency of Kinneff Church until 1618. The exact location is not known today, but it is thought to have been lo...

    View of the possible site of the chapel
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  • Inverbervie Old Parish Church

    Inverbervie Old Parish Church is located on a prominent position in the town of Inverbervie or Bervie. The site rises above the surrounding area and overlooks the coast. The church is a ruin with only the west gable standing. A fairly la...

    View of the church ruins and graveyard
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  • King David of Scotland Church, Inverbervie

    This small and simple church is, unusually, used by two denominations, the Episcopal Church and the Roman Catholic Church. It is built in a small plot, with grassed grounds in front of the church, at the southern end of Inverbervie. The ...

    The east elevation
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  • Kinghornie Chapel Site, Bervie

    The site of an apparent chapel and holy well is suggested by documentary evidence found by the 19th century historian Andrew Jervise. The chapel was said to have been founded by King David II in 1341, with remains still visible at the en...

    View of the chapel site, close to the shore
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  • The Herd Centre, Inverbervie

    The Herd Centre is a small, modern building located in Town Head, close to Inverbervie's town centre. It was built as a Young Woman's Christian Association building, but was sold to the Church of Scotland who use it as a hall and co...

    View of the building from the east
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