Places of Worship in Bellie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Bellie Old Parish Church

    Bellie Old Parish Church dates to the 15th century at least and is located on a wooded hillside a short distance north of Fochabers and not far from the River Spey. The area surroundinig the site is a mixture of productive famland and ar...

    Gordon Tomb in graveyard from north west
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  • Bellie Parish Church, Fochabers

    Bellie Parish Church is a prominent Georgian building, located in the heart of the planned town of Fochabers. It forms the architectural centrepiece of the large square in Fochabers and has remained externally un-altered since it was bui...

    View of church from east
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  • Duchess of Richmond's Monument

    This is a large monument to the Dutchess of Richmond and is located on top of Whiteash Hill, a thickly-wooded area of land. The monument was erected in 1887 and is not associated with any place of worship.  

  • Gordon Castle Chapel

    Gordon Castle is, or more accurately was, a massive country house, stretching for over a quarter of a mile at its largest. The castle may have existed since the 13th century, although the largest works were carried out between 1769-83. A...

    View of Gordon Castle main entrance gateway (photo by Jeff Lowndes)
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  • Gordon Episcopal Chapel

    This is an unusual and striking church, located close to the centre of Fochabers, a planned town laid out in a grid-like pattern. Gordon Chapel was deliberately sited to form a focal point from the square and faces the town's parish chur...

    View of church from distance
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  • Gordon Tomb, Bellie Graveyard

    The Gordon Tomb is a large classical-style monument, comprising tall columns with scroll-moulded capitals and a thick cornice. It apparently holds only one burial. The monument is close to the remains of Bellie Old Church in the graveyar...

    View of the monument from the north-west
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  • Pringle Church, Fochabers

    This large former church was built in 1900 as a Free Church, and replaced an earlier, smaller building in Fochabers. Its name derived from the benefactor, Alexander Pringle, a native of the town who left money for the construction of a n...

    View of the principal elevation from north east
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  • St Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Fochabers

    St Mary's Roman Catholic Church was built in the 1820s on South Street, close to the town centre of Fochabers. It was designed by Bishop James Kyle and built by architect J Gillespie Graham. The church sits towards the rear of a narrow p...

    View of church from north east
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  • St Ninian's Chapel, Chapelford

    This was originally the site of a small pre-Reformation chapel, which was linked to Urquhart Priory. It fell into disuse and decay after the Reformation in 1560, but it was eventually rebuilt into a larger chapel or church and used by Ro...

    View of graveyard and church site from north east
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  • St Ninian's Roman Catholic Chapel, Tynet

    This Roman Catholic church was built in 1755 to serve the needs of Catholics in Banffshire and is the oldest Post-Reformation Catholic church in Scotland still in use. It was constructed at a time when Catholicism was still banned after ...

    View of the chapel from the north-west
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