Places of Worship in Belhelvie Parish in Grampian Region

  • Belhelvie North Parish Church

    This simple but imposing parish church was built in the 1870s to replace the old parish church (see site Belhelvie Old Parish Church of St Columba). It is located at the junction of two minor roads and a community hall and car park is ju...

    View from the north
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  • Belhelvie Old Parish Church and Burial Ground

    This church dates to the 17th century and stands on the site of a Pre-Reformation original. It was a T-plan building but now only the west gable survives. It is located north of Aberdeen, close to the coast, in open, rolling countryside....

    View of the west gable
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  • Chapel Park Chapel, Ardo House, Belhelvie

    Little information about this chapel has been found. A pre-Reformation Catholic chapel was said to stand in a field east of Ardo House, but even by the mid 19th century, when the Ordnance Survey investigated the site, all traces had gone...

    The field in which the chapel was thought to be located
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  • Chapel Park Chapel, Muirton, Belhelvie

    A chapel south-east of Muirton Home Farm is mentioned by the Ordnance Survey in the mid 19th century. It was Pre-Reformation and stood in an open field on a south-west facing slope. All traces of the structure had gone when the Ordnance ...

    The natural tree-covered outcrop where the chapel may have been located
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  • Hatton of Millden Chapel, Belhelvie

    A possible chapel was said to be located in this area, but a definate site is not known. The Ordnance Survey investigated the site in the mid 19th century and found no evidence for any kind of building. They report that the surviving gra...