Places of Worship in Banchory-Devenick Parish in Grampian Region

  • Banchory-Devenick Parish Church

    Banchory Devenick Church occupies an old Christian site, which has had at least one previous church, possibly two. the present church was built in the 1820s to replace the 17th century church on the site. In his book, Hay gives the date ...

    View of the east gable
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  • Convent of the Sacred Heart, Portlethen

    This modern 1980s or 1990s house in a housing estate in Portlethen, south of Aberdeen, is thought to have been used for some time as a Roman Catholic convent, known as the Convent of the Sacred Heart. It is no longer in use as a convent ...

    View of the house once used as a convent
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  • Portlethen Parish Church

    Portlethen Parish Church sits on high ground overlooking the small community of Portlethen and its railway station. There is open farm land east of the church and an extensive graveyard and cemetery extends around the church. A large chu...

    View of the church and graveyard from the south-west
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  • St Devenick's On The Hill Church, Banchory-Devenick

    This is a former Free Church, which was built in 1843, just after the Disruption when the Free Church denomination was established. The church was converted to private flats in 1989. The building lies on a small rural road on a hillside,...

    View of the former church from the north-east
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  • St Ternan's Chapel, Portlethen

    This is the site of a chapel and burial ground dedicated to St Ternan. The location is a promontory to the north of Portlethen. A farmer removed what remains were still standing in the mid 19th century and showed the site to the Ordnance...

  • Stewart Vault, Banchory-Devenick

    This is a large 19th century burial monument erected in memory of various members of the Stewart family. It stands in the graveyard of Banchory Devenick Parish Church, to the south-east of the church itself. 

    View of the memorial from the south-east
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  • Watch House, Banchory-Devenick

    There is a small 19th century watch house in the graveyard of Banchory Devenick Parish Church. It was built at the start of the 19th century and housed a night watchman to guard fresh burials from the so-called body snatchers. It is rubb...

    View of the watch house from the north-west
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