Places of Worship in Auchterless Parish in Grampian Region

  • Auchterless Former Free Church

    There is little information known about this former Free Church in Auchterless. It was built close to the road through the village a short distance south of the parish church. It stands in a small plot and the former manse is alongside. ...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • Auchterless Old Parish Church

    The old church of Auchterless, dedicated to St Donan, is located a short distance to the north of the later and current parish church, within a large graveyard. It was built in 1780 and repaired and extended in the 1830s, before it was r...

    View of the church from the west
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  • Auchterless Parish Church

    Auchterless Parish Church is a large, striking building set within a large graveyard and alongside the ruins of the previous church. The church and graveyard are located on the eastern side of the linear village of Kirkton of Auchterhous...

    The Church from the west
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  • Chapel of Seggat, Auchterless

    The ruins of a small chapel are located in a small tree-covered enclosure, across the road from Chapel of Seggat Farm and close to Chapel Bridge, which crosses a small stream. Little is known about this chapel or when it was built. The O...

    The surviving wall section of the chapel
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  • Duff of Hatton Mausoleum, Auchterless

    This is a private mausoleum located alongside the ruins of the old parish church of Auchterless, at the northern edge of the large graveyard. It is a small, gabled structure with urn pinnacles, finials and a round stained glass window. I...

    View of the mausoleum from the south-east
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