Places of Worship in Auchindoir and Kearn Parish in Grampian Region

  • Auchindoir and Kearn Parish Church, Lumsden

    The parish church of Auchindoir and Kearn is located in the small village of Lumsden. The village was founded by Mr Leith Lumsden of Clova on a new site. It is a planned settlement with straight roads, house plots and a large central gre...

    The west gable
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  • Auchindoir Former Church

    Auchindoir Parish Church was built in the early 19th century to replace the medieval St Mary's Church nearby (see separate site). It stands on a small ridge above the minor B9002 road, close to the busy A97 road to Huntly, and is surroun...

    View of the church from the south-west
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  • Auchindoir Old Parish Churchyard

    This is the burial ground for St Mary's Old Church, Auchindoir. It is sub-rectangular and contains mostly 18th and 19th century gravestones. A more recent cemetery extension is alongside to the east. The church stands in the centre of th...

    The graveyard, looking to the south
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  • Kearn Church and Churchyard

    Kearn Church dates to the medieval period, with reference to the church (spelt originally 'Keryn') in a tax document in 1275. The site today is situated within a small copse or shelter belt alongside a minor, rural road. There is open fa...

    View of the church site and graveyard from the east
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  • St Margaret's Episcopal Church, Bogieside, Rhynie

    This very small church is located just east of the village of Rhynie, close to the boundary of Rhynie and Auchindoir & Kearn parishes. It lies alongside a minor road into the village but is largely hidden by a tall hedge. There is op...

    View of the church from the south-east
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  • St Mary's Old Parish Church, Auchindoir

    St Mary's Church is a roofless ruin today and is located on a secluded grassed mound, surrounded by mature trees and on the edge of a steep river vally. A minor road runs past the site and joins the busy A97 between Lumsden and Rhynie. T...

    Auchindoir Old Parish Church (St Mary's)
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  • St. Mary's Kirk

    Leaving the A97 junction onto the B9002, this ruin is approx 1/2 mile along the road. Situated on the left of the road it is atop a small hillock with double gates and a stile. It is surrounded by beech trees and has a steep descent to ...

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