Places of Worship in Alvah Parish in Grampian Region

  • Alvah Former Parish Church

    This parish church is located in the heart of Kirkton of Alvah, a small, quiet and rural village, surrounded by open farmland. The village is built around a junction of narrow, country roads and the church stands within a large graveyard...

    View of church from south
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  • Alvah Old Parish Church

    The old parish church of Alvah was located in the graveyard of the later parish church and stood on ground just in front (south) of the present building. There is little information about the date of the old church and its appearance, al...

    The site of the church, in the graveyard of the later church
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  • Mountblairy Chapel Site

    A medieval chapel was located in this area but had been abandoned by the 18th century and was ruinous when visited by The Statistical Account in 1792. The remains were entirely demolished and removed when Mountblairy House was built and ...