Places of Worship in Wemyss Parish in Fife Region

  • Buckhaven Baptist Church

    The Baptist Church in Buckhaven started as a mission in 1908, meeting in the Rechabite Hall, before building their own premises in 1915.    It was constructed in 1914-15 by G.C. Campbell and is located on the corner of a s...

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  • Buckhaven Christian Fellowship

    This site was originally a United Free Church, though it was bought by the Pentecostal Church in 1969.    At this time it was named the Assembly of God, and later became known as the Christian Fellowship. The building was ...

    Former site of building
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  • Buckhaven Links Kirk

    There are no visible remains of this church. The Dissenting Church was formed in 1792 and the building opened in January 1795. At some time prior to 1869 the church was closed and converted to dwellings. The congregation joined with St. Dav...

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  • Buckhaven Parish Church

    Buckhaven and Wemyss Parish Church was built between 1899 and 1902. It is at the junction of Church Street and Randolph Street at the west end of Methil. The main road to Kirkcaldy (A 944) rounds the corner from Wellesley ...

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  • Central Gospel Mission Revival Centre


    This building is set in a paved and grass covered precinct. On the west side the precinct is separated from the pavement by painted railings, whilst on the northern and southern sides there are private r...

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  • Church of God


    This church opened in 1986, the original congregation having broken away from the Open Brethren. Thereis a red gravel car park to the east. The whole site is surrounded by a low red brick wall with two s...

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  • Denbeath Parish Church

    The original church on this site was constructed in 1925-6. This small building now serves as a hall and is at the back (north) of the later red sandstone and pebbledash church building, which was constructed in 1931-3. These churches we...

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  • English Episcopal Church

    There are no visible remains of this iron church. The precinct in which it stood  is still present but there are now garage lock-ups situated on the site.   The congregation moved to the Mission Hall in Denbeath (site 1047...

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  • Flying Angel Military Chapel

    A small chapel or church was built in Methil docks and harbour not long after World War 2 started. It was built to serve the personell and workers who were located here to help manufacture items for the war. The chapel was demolished aft...

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  • Gospel Hall

    This building was formerly a Gospel Hall but is currently not in use. Its last use was as a warehouse.  There is a garage next door to the west.

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  • Innerleven East Parish Church

    This church was constructed in 1939-41 by Robertson and Gordon Architects for the congregation of the old Innerleven Parish Church (see separate entry), which was demolished soon after this church opened. The chu...

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  • Innerleven Gospel Hall

    This two-storeyed building was erected initially by James Ferguson to provide a workplace for his hosiery business on the ground floor, and a gospel hall above.    Now both storeys are used for evangelical worship and othe...

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  • Innerleven Parish Church

    There is little information currently available about the original parish church of Innerleven. It appears to have been demolished soon after the new church of Innerleven East Parish Church (see separate entry) was opened ...

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  • Jonathan's Cave

    A single burial was discovered on eroding land on the shore of the Firth of Forth at Wemyss. This area is well-known for its Pictish carvings found in several of the natural caves that are located in the sandstone cliffs that form the co...

  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

    The Jehovah's Witnesses in Buckhaven have worshipped on this site since 1971.   The site was originally home to the Church of Christ, who were here from 1900 to 1971, though it is not clear if they used the present building.&nb...

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  • Macduff Cemetery

    MacDuff Cemetery has medieval connections because inside it can be found the ruins of MacDuff Castle, which was home to the most powerful family in Fife in the Middle Ages, the MacDuff Earls of Fife.

    A war memorial to the fallen ...

    General view of graveyard with castle in background
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  • Methil and Denbeath Parish Church

    Constructed in 1931, this church lies in a grass precinct surrounded by black painted railings on the western side and red brick walls on the north and south sides. There is a church hall in the south west corner of the precinct. This ch...

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  • Methil Evangelical Church


    This church is situated in a row of houses and is separated from the road on its southern (principal) side by a battlemented wall with iron gates in the centre. It is surrounded by a red gravel precinct,...

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  • Methil Free Church

    This church was at the corner of Fisher Street and High Street.   Its origins were in meetings which took place in the Salt Girnel (site 10506) which had been established in the 1850s by the Rev. Adam Forman, who was the Minist...

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  • Methil Mill Church

    The first church in Methil is thought to date to the twelfth century, to the time of King David I (1124-53).   It was associated with the original settlement at Methil, in the vicinity of the current Methilmill when the first l...

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  • Methil Parish Church

    This cruciform Romanesque church was constructed in 1924-5 by Reginald Fairlie on a site gifted by the Wemyss Family. It superseded the original parish church which was situated between High Street and Station Road (site no. 10471). ...

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  • Methil West Church

    Before 1838 the Church of Scotland Congregation in Methil attended the Parish Church in East Wemyss (site 10489), which has now been demolished. Due to an increase in population in the town in the early 1800s and through the work of Dr. ...

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  • Methilmill Cemetery

    This cemetery lies on fairly flat ground on the northern outskirts of Methil.   It is thought that the original settlement of Methil was in this vicinity, possibly in the 12th century when the first landowner, Michael of Methil...

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  • Mission Hall

    The original congregation was formed in 1904 when Muiredge United Free Church was  granted a house in Denbeath to carry out mission work.    In 1906 the Presbytery of Kirkcaldy agreed to transfer a corrugated iron bui...

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  • Muiredge Church

    This church is no longer visible, having been demolished in 1992. At present two semi-detached houses stand on the site. The building was constructed in 1885 as a ‘daughter church’ to St. David’s Church (site no. 4620), now known as Buckhav...

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  • Muslim Mosque Preaching Station

    A Muslim preaching station was located in a large semi-detached house on Wellesley Road, Methil. It is not clear whether it was open to the public for religious use or if it was in private use. It does not appear to exist today and there...

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  • Old St. Agatha's Roman Catholic Church

    This church was opened in 1903, and was used as a Roman Catholic church until a replacement church was built in 1923 on a site nearby (see site no. 6688). The original church was later demolished and a nursery now occupies the site.

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  • Salvation Army

    This building was constructed in 1937 as a telephone exchange and the Salvation Army moved from their old hall in Randolph Street in September 1978. It is on a busy road through Buckhaven, in the midst of a mixture of residential and com...

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  • Scottish Coast Mission

    The Bethel was used by the Scottish Coast Mission (founded in the 1850s), which gave Christian support to those who went to sea and their families.

    Street frontage, northern elevation
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  • Spiritualist Church

    There are no visible remains of this church. The current resident's father bought the church in the 1970s and demolished it and built a house on the site.

  • St. Adrian's Parish Church, united with Buckhaven


    This building, which dates from 1890, replaced an earlier church (in Church Street, site 10493), which had become a local gymnasium, but was demolished in the 1930s to make way for housing.     The arch...

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  • St. Agatha's Roman Catholic Church

    This is a Grade C Listed building, designed by Reginald Fairlie,  which opened in 1923.  It is on Methil Brae in fron of the fire station.    (Its predecessor, built in 1903, was across the road to the northwest ...

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  • St. Andrew's Church

    This church was originally in North Street, St Andrews and was known as St. Andrew's Episcopal Church (site no. 8052). However, in 1870 the building was purchased and transported to Buckhaven in Thomas Walker's boat 'The Sea King'. The c...

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  • St. Mary's By The Sea

    This church, which is in a poor condition, is in St. Mary�s Churchyard. There is a later hall, which is now a private house, at the northeast corner of the church. The whole site is surrounded by a high mortared rubble wall with a gate...

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  • St. Michael's Parish Church

    This church was constructed in 1901 to supplement St. David's Church.    At the amalgamation of the Churches of Scotland in Buckhaven in 1972 the building was found to require extensive repairs and was therefore declared u...

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  • The Salt Girnel

    This building was constructed in 1665 as a storehouse. It was used as the first meeting place of the Free Church in Methil, from the 1850s to the 1890s. It went out of use and was demolished after the Free Church was built in the town in 18...

  • United Presbyterian Church

    This church, which has now been demolished, is described (Gifford 1988, p. 106) as being gothic in style with buttresses on the front gable.   (In 1988 it was being used as Muiredge Craft Complex.)     It la...

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  • Wemyss Castle Chapel

    This is a private site with no public access.   It is a sixteenth century barrel-vaulted room on the ground floor of the castle which was converted into a memorial chapel by Sir Robert Lorimer in 1897.    It is d...

  • Wemyss Chapel Gardens

    The Wemyss Family burial enclosure is at the southern end of the landscaped ground, bordered by the sea wall and towers, with steep slopes on the western side and on the north  a four storey rectangular plan ruined house with round ...

    Towerhouse with church wall adjoining
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  • Wemyss Free Church

    This Free Church was on ground donated by Mrs Swan, the mother of Kirkcaldy provost Patrick Don Swan.   The church was renamed St. George�s after the Free Church rejoined with the Church of Scotland.   This church w...

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  • Wemyss Parish Church (former)

    This cruciform church with aisles was constructed in 1936-7 and replaced the former St. George's Parish Church which has now been demolished (site 10489).    This church was united with St Adrian’s on 12 August 1973,...

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  • West Wemyss Church of Scotland

    This is the site of the first local church in West Wemyss, which was built as a chapel of ease to save the villagers the walk to the Parish Church in East Wemyss.    A plaque on the front wall of the church read '1894-1947...

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