Places of Worship in Markinch Parish in Fife Region

  • Balgonie Castle Chapel

    Balgonie Castle is located on the southern bank of Loch Leven in southern Fife. It has a long history which reaches back into the 13th century, when the Sibbalds owned the land in this area and first built a fortified castle. It passed t...

    Balgonie Castle today
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  • Brunton Church

    This church was built as a United Free Church in 1843 by the architect Robert Hutchison, following a split from the established congregation in Markinch. It is situated on the High Street of Markinch in a fairly small precinct with moder...

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  • Fife Islamic Centre

    This building is in the Woodside area of Glenrothes in an area with a number of industrial units.

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  • Former Balbirnie Church

    This gothic style church was built on the western edge of Markinch in 1896-8 by the architect Hippolyte J Blanc. During its history it has been both a United Presbyterian Church as well as a United Free Church, before being converted int...

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  • Former Windygates United Free Church

    This former church was built in 1890 in the village of Windygates. It became a United Free Church in 1899 and was in use as such until a larger church building was constructed nearby in 1910 (see Windygates, St Ke...

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  • Free Baptist Church


    This church is in a residential area and sits on a corner site at the junction of Queen Margaret Drive and St. Regulus Gardens. It is set in a partially grassed precinct surr...

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  • Glenrothes Baptist Church

    This church was built in 1961-62 for the Episcopal church (site 6087)  by Gillespie and Scott of St. Andrews.  It is on a busy road near to the bus station and shopping centre in Glenrothes.   In 1979 the co...

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  • Glenrothes Spiritualist Church (Wayside Hall)

    The Glenrothes Spiritualist church meet in the Wayside Hall on Balbirnie Road, Glenrothes.

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  • Gospel Hall

    Little information is known about this site other than that it is, or has been, used by the Gospel Church, and also possibly the Brethren Church.

  • Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses

    The building is in a residential area in Glenrothes contained in a precinct surrounded by a timber fence. The building is at the southern end of the precinct with a car parking area to the north.


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  • Kirkforthar Chapel, Fife

    Kirkforthar Chapel is a small, ruinous building situated on a raised roughly circular mound, north of Markinch. It was associated with Kirkforthar House, the ruins of which are located nearby. This house was the seat of the Lindsay famil...

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  • Markinch Parish Church

    Previously called St Drostan's, this parish church is situated on a prominent hilltop in the centre of Markinch, and is reputed to have been the site of religious worship since the sixth century. There have been in the last two...

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  • Milton of Balgonie Parish Church

    This church was built in 1836 as a chapel of ease for St Drostan's in Markinch (now known as Markinch Parish Church) and was paid for by the Balfour family. It is at the eastern end of Milton of Balgonie and would have been...

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  • Mustard Seed Hall

    Known as The Mustard Seed Hall, this small rubble built sandstone building is located in the quiet residential area of Woodside. The building is currently in use as an Evangelical church but it appears to have originally been constructed...

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  • St. Luke's Episcopal Church

    Constructed in 1960, this church was originally the Glenrothes Baptist Church. It became St. Luke�s Episcopal Church in 1979 when this congregation swapped buildings with the Episcopal congregation in Glenrothes (site number: 8394). Th...

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  • St. Margaret's Parish Church, Glenrothes

    This is the oldest church in the new town of Glenrothes;   it was constructed in 1953-4, the  architect being Peter Sinclair,    It is in the residential area of Woodside, and was originally called Woodside ...

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  • St. Paul's Roman Catholic Church, Glenrothes

    This church which opened for worship in 1958,  is in the Woodside residential area of the new town of Glenrothes.   It was constructed in 1956-7 by Gillespie, Kidd & Coia, and is now a Grade B Listed Building. &nb...

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  • Stob Cross

    The Stob Cross is a plain stone slab in the form of a cross, greatly weathered, sited next to the East Lodge of Balbirnie House. It is said to have marked the boundary of sanctuary of Markinch Church. It now sits on a modern base.

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  • The King's Covenant Fellowship

    The King's Covenant Fellowship, which is a non-denominational Christian church, currently meet at the YM/YWCA, North Street, Glenrothes.  It is a large building on a busy road and has car parks to both the east and west sides.<...

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  • The Leading Light Spiritualist Church (The Lomond Centre)

    The Leading Light Spiritualist Church meets in the Lomond Centre, Woodside Way, Glenrothes. The Lomond Centre is a community use building that hires out rooms to various groups and organisations. This group used to meet in the Rothes Hal...

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  • Thornton Free Church

    This church was built on Station Road in Thornton in 1904-6 in the gothic style. It was demolished c.2002 and replaced by a group of modern houses.

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  • Thornton Parish Church

    Thornton Parish Church was built in 1834-5 as a chapel of ease for Markinch Parish Church (site number: 7786), and became a Free Church.  It is  small, T-plan, in a precinct with grass and modern paving.  There is a s...

    East elevation of church
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  • United Reformed Church

    This church was built in Balcurvie Road in the late nineteenth century and became the United Free church of Windygates in 1899,    Since the present church was built in 1910 (see site 7788) it has been used as the chu...

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  • Windygates, St. Kenneth's Parish Church

    This church was built in 1910 and was originally a United Free Church. The associated neighbouring church hall was the original church before this one was built to serve a growing mining community. The church and hall are located on...

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