Places of Worship in Leslie (Kirkcaldy) Parish in Fife Region

  • Christ's Church, Leslie

    This is the site of a late medieval (or pre-Reformation) church, dedicated to St Mary. It is located within the graveyard of a later parish church, Christ's Kirk on the Green, which was built in the early 19th century. The ...

    Christ's Church
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  • Christ's Kirk on the Green

    This Gothic revival church was constructed in 1819-21 by builder Thomas or James Barclay, Alexander Leslie was the Inspector of Works and possibly the designer. In 1868-9 the church was extended to the south by James Maitland Wardrop; su...

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  • Christ's Kirk, Pitcoudie, Glenrothes

    This Church of Scotland Church was constructed in 1980 in the residential area of Pitcoudie. It was originally called Christ's Kirk on the Hill, but is now known as Christ's Kirk since it was amalgamated with Christ's Kirk on the Gre...

    Eastern elevation
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  • Church of the Ascension, Leslie

    This church was established in the 1930s to accommodate workers who came from the south to work at Delarue Paint Works in Leslie, when the town was well-known for its large mill and industrial complexes. It was a prefabricated wooden bui...

  • Collydean Granary Baptist Church

    This former granary was converted to use as a church in 1983 and is on a corner plot between Torphins Avenue and Aboyne Way, in the residential area of Collydean.

    Northern elevation
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  • Former Prinlaws Church


    This former church is next to a road in a residential area of the village of Leslie.   It was built in 1839 and began its life as a school for the children of workers at Prinlaws Mill.   In 1884 the bu...

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  • Former Salvation Army

    This building was originally converted from an old barn in 1771 for use as a Burgher Kirk.    It sits in a fenced area with paving and grass, behind a shop on the High Street in Leslie.   It has also been a Free ...

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  • Ingrie Cross, Leslie

    This carved cross base is located in the grounds of Strathenry House and was moved there many years ago from an uncertain location, but likely fairly local. It is known to have stood at Ingrie's Farm for some time and was said to have be...

  • Leslie Baptist Church

    Constructed in 1885-6, Leslie Baptist Church is beside a road on a north sloping corner plot. The designer for this building, John Lister, was not a professional architect; he was the brother of the first minister. The rectangular buildi...

    View of church from west
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  • Martin Church

    This church was constructed in 1859 by the Burgher congregation who previously worshipped in a converted barn (site number: 1343). The building was next door to Leslie New Free Church (now St. Mary Mother of God, Roman Catholic Church, s...

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  • Old Anti Burgher Kirk

    Constructed in 1744 this Anti-Burgher Church sits behind a joiners and undertakers business in which the former church itself is now in use as the joiners workshop.   To the north of the building is a private garden area leadin...

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  • St. Mary Mother of God

    This church was constructed in 1876-9 by architect R. Thornton Shiells, as a Free Church, known as Logan-Martin Church.   It closed as a Free Church in 1956 and since 1959 has been a Roman Catholic Church.    The...

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  • Trinity Parish Church

    This is a rectangular town church in High Street, Leslie.   It is complete, and in full ecclesiastical use.   Constructed in 1858-59 by architect Henry Archibald, it sits in its own precinct behind a wall with iron ra...

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