Places of Worship in Dunino Parish in Fife Region

  • Dunino Den

    This site is to the west of Dunino Parish Church and has a number of features considered to be the focus of pre-Christian worship, and is of interest to modern pagan worshippers. It consists of a promontory to the east...

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  • Dunino Law

    The First Statistical Account of Scotland (1791) describes the origins of the name 'Denino', which derives from the Gaelic 'Dunynach', meaning 'hill' and 'young women'.  Local tradition recalls that the remains of a nunnery were dug...

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  • Dunino Parish Church

    Dunino Parish Church is situated among open agricultural land on a hill rising to the east of Dunino Burn. It sits in an old graveyard which may be the site of an earlier church, because although the present building dates...

    Dunino Parish Church
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