Places of Worship in Cupar Parish in Fife Region

  • Baptist Church (now Cupar Age Concern)

    This church faces west onto Provost Wynd and is surrounded by civic and residential buildings.    It was built in 1830 as a Relief church and it was used by the Baptists from about  1850, who moved from their chapel o...

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  • Blackfriars Dominican Convent

    Blackfriars Dominican convent,  was founded  c. 1348 by Earl Malcolm and built of sandstone at the eastern end of what is now St Catherine Street.  It was suppressed in 1519 and its funds were used to rebuild Blackfriars i...

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  • Bonnygate Baptist Church

    Cupar Baptist Church was built in 1866 as a United Presbyterian Church and was given to the Cupar Baptists in 1972. It faces south onto Bonnygate, which is the main thoroughfare through Cupar. The church is set back from the st...

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  • Boston United Free Church

    The earliest church on this site was a Relief Church, built c. 1770, the first minister being ordained in 1772.    It was built facing north on the south side of Westport, the main road through Cupar.   This earl...

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  • Burnside United Presbyterian Church

    This church was first used in the 1830s and was situated on the corner of East Burnside and Bishopgate, facing south..   It is surrounded by a low sandstone coped wall to the south     It is currently used a...

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  • Cupar Antiburgher Church

    A church was built for the Anti-Burghers on Burnside in Cupar and completed in 1796.    In 1830 the Burnside United Presbyterian Church (site 10512) was built on this site, incorporating fragments from the Anti-Burgher Chu...

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  • Cupar Burgher Chapel

    Built in 1819, the Cupar Burgher Chapel stood at the foot of Tannery Brae, facing north onto Burnside and only a few metres away from the Antiburgher Church (site number: 10515). In 1839 the congregation united with the Church of Scotlan...

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  • Cupar Episcopal Chapel

    This building which was built in 1820, was replaced in 1866 by St. James the Great Scottish Episcopal Church (site number: 1052). No trace of the original site remains.

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  • Cupar Free Church

    This building has now been demolished.    It was built as a Free Church in 1844, on the east side of South Union Street, or Mouse Wynd as it was known at the time.   It was replaced in 1878 by St John’s on ...

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  • Cupar Masonic Hall

    This stone building in Bonnygate, a street in Cupar town centre running east-west, was used as an overflow church for Cupar Parish Church (site 1044) in 1836, prior to the construction of St. Michael's Chapel of Ease, Westport (site 8408...

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  • Cupar Old & St Michael of Tarvit

    Cupar Old and St. Michael of Tarvit Parish Church (site number 1044) was formed by the union of St. Michael of Tarvit Church with the remains of the earlier parish church, built in 1415, much of which was removed to make way for the new ...

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  • Former Kirkgate Chapel

    A church was built on this site in 1821 for the Baptist denomination. In 1849 the baptist congregation moved to the Baptist Church on Provost Wynd (site number: 4703).    The chapel has now been converted to domestic use.<...

    Cupar Campbellite Chapel
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  • Millgate Catholic Church

    This building was used as a place of worship by the town's Catholic congregation for around 100 years.  In 1864, a William Douglas Dick purchased a three-storey stone-built dwelling House in Cupar's Millgate...

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  • Springfield Parish Church

    This small parish church was built in the village of Springfield, a few miles south-west of Cupar. It was constructed in 1861 near the centre of the village in Manse Road, and has walled grounds with a small wooden outbuilding. It is lar...

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  • St. Christopher's Church

    The first parish church of Cupar was located to the north of the town centre, near Kinloss House. It is visible only as an earthwork.

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  • St. Columba's Roman Catholic Church

    St. Columba's was built in 1964 by Peter Whiston. It is a circular, harled building with a distinctive Scottish slate roof and chimney spire. The church is situated on the corner of Kirkgate and Lovers Lane to the south west of the paris...

    View of site from northwest
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  • St. James the Great Scottish Episcopal Church

    The south, gabled front of the church faces onto St. Catherine Street  on the former site of Blackfriars Convent (site no: 1043) and an earlier Episcopal chapel of 1820 (site no: 10514


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  • St. John's Church of Scotland

    This church was built between 1875 and 1878 by Campbell Douglas and Sellars, architects, of Glasgow, as a Free Church and opened for worship on 28 November 1878.   Following the union of the United Presbyterian Church and the F...

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  • St. Mary of Namur Sisters

    From fieldnotes (P.Martin): this Belgian order of nuns left Britain long ago. There is no house of this name in Westfield Road, and the Grid reference is not Westfield road, but is close to the present Roman Catholic Church.

  • St. Michael's Chapel of Ease

    This church was built in 1837 to accommodate the growing congregation of Cupar parish, which previously met in the Masonic Lodge on Bonnygate (site 10511).    It faces south on to Westport and sits behind a low coped wall ...

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  • St. Michael's Church of Tarvit

    St. Michael's was a small separate parish and the church was probably the earliest foundation in Cupar Burgh.   It was on the south side of the River Eden.    The church maintained a separate congregation until t...

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