Places of Worship in Carnock Parish in Fife Region

  • Cairneyhill Meeting House

    Cairneyhill is a small village in south-west Fife, a short distance to the west of Dunfermline and north of Torryburn. The area has a long history of religious disputes in the Scottish Church and Cairneyhill had the first Anti-Burgher me...

    Cairneyhill Church, former Meeting House
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  • Cairneyhill Parish Church

    Cairneyhill is on the main road to the west of Dunferlmline.    This church was built in 1752 in  Main Street as a breakaway Antiburgher church, to provide 400 sittings.     It is a short distance ...

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  • Carnock Old Parish Church

    This narrow rectangular church dates to the early thirteenth century and it has undergone several phases of repair and reconstruction since this date.    The first reference to it dates from the time of Bishop Malvoisin of...

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  • Carnock Parish Church

    Carnock is united with Oakley Parish Church (site 10495) and recently a link was formed with Saline and Blairingone Parish Church (site 2570).   Carnock. which is constructed on a Greek cross plan, was built to replace the old paris...

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  • Carnock United Free Church

    Previous site of the Free Church at Carnock. The building is now demolished and has been replaced by a garage, although this may have incorporated building fabric from the church.

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  • Catholic Church of The Holy Name

    This church was constructed for Roman Catholic miners who had moved from Lanarkshire to work in the more prosperous coalfields of West Fife. Funding for this church was provided by the Smith-Sligo family of Inzievar House, which is to th...

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  • Oakley Parish Church

    This church is set back from the road on raised ground.    It is in a paved precinct surrounded by a wire fence and vegetation. There are houses to the north and an unused school on waste ground to the east.

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