Places of Worship in Anstruther Wester Parish in Fife Region

  • Isle of May, Benedictine Priory

    The priory was founded c.1135 by David I and was a possesion of Reading Abbey, built on an earlier site which had been use since the seventh century. When the site was excavated in 1995 it was suggested that the Benetictine Monks us...

    Isle of May Priory
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  • Isle of May, St. Ethernan's Chapel

    This chapel was built in the ninth century and excavated in the 1990s. It was a small rectangular structure, probably built to house the remains of St. Ethernan, a Pictish saint who lived and died on the island c. 669. It was built ...

    St Ethernan's Chapel
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  • The Anstruther Church

    Anstruther Wester Parish Church is on the western edge of the village of Anstruther in a graveyard which is bounded by a stream and a beach. In 1243, a church on this site was dedicated to St. Nicholas. The present structure consists of ...

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