Martyrs Church, an educational resource .

Martyrs Church, North Street, St Andrews closed several years ago and the congregation united with that at Hope Park Church. The University recently acquired the building and has developed it as a Research library.

Before the redevelopment took place University Museums and Galleries students set up a small but valuable exhibition telling the story of Martyrs Congregation, from the time they left the parish church, then joined the Free Church and, later, the United Free Church, before returning to the Church of Scotland in 1929. 

Martyrs Church was named after the period of unrest among churches when the Protestants were fighting for recognition. At this time many people were killed in the cause of religion and for suporting a different community, including the martyrs of the Martyrs Monument.

A short walk from the Gateway Museum is The Scores, and at the highest point there stands the Martyrs Monument, which commemorates four local men who died in the Protestant cause. On this high point, overlooking the golf courses, stands the monument to these men, a fine obelisk, its weathered stone work recently repaired. On the east side the inscription tells more of the Martyr's story, commemorating the men, who died on Magus Muir, where there is another monument in their honour.